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Introduction to Shadow Puppetry and Marionettes: adaptable to all grade levels

For a class of students this is an engaging, hands on experience with 35 simple to complex professional puppets. Short scenarios provide inspiration for young people to explore movement with the puppets.

  • building confidence
  • working together
  • making puppets look alive


30 minutes for the younger classes, up to 60 minutes for the older classes.

Space Requirements

We need a large room with open space, and preferably blinds on the windows so it can be darkened.
In the room we need one long worktable or gym bench or an available long counter space and 6 chairs.

Description for Teachers

Heather sets up a shadow screen in one end of the room, where she leads the students in a variety of activities with shadow puppets. When the students come in to the workshops they sit on the floor facing the shadow screen.

Darryll will have set up several racks for up to 40 marionettes from simple to more complex. After they have finished with shadow puppetry, he gives the students a demonstration and instruction on the marionettes, and then they try the marionettes themselves.

Teachers and staff they are welcome to participate in the activities we are doing with the students.
Feel free to take photos during the workshops. Pictures taken of the students backstage while using the shadow puppets are particularly delightful, as you can see their smiles!

Workshop length is flexible. Recommended 30 mins for P to Gr 3; 60 mins for Gr 4 and older.

Please contact us for more information.

Puppet Making Workshops

Everyone keeps the puppet they create.

  • Grades P and up – Stick Puppets (90 minute workshop)
  • Grades 4 and up – 4 string marionettes

In this workshop students make their own puppet to keep, and learn the basic operation of the puppet.
Max 25 students per workshop.

Please contact us for more information.