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(35 minutes Narrated, with original music)

This classic tale is thoughtfully brought to life with a ‘happy ending’ for the whole cast of characters. The story unfolds in a magical world filled with playful original music, vivid backdrops, imaginative decor and lifelike marionettes.

Red Riding Hood starts through the forest with a basket of goodies for her grandmother. The hungry wolf soon tries some clever tricks to get the basket of food. On the way to Grandma’s in a magical forest clearing a porcupine, rabbit and owl team up to foil the wolf’s schemes.

Later at Grandma’s house, the wolf hilariously tries to fool Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother, but they use their wits to escape. Finally, the hunter and his tracking dog, chase the wolf to the far regions of the forest, where he is never to return. Red Riding Hood is reunited with her mother and grandma in the final heartwarming scene.

Suitable for lower elementary, upper elementary, includes demonstration and question time.


Story: Darryll Taylor and Heather Taylor
Marionette Design, construction and costume: Kathryn Belzer, Heather Taylor and Darryll Taylor
Languages: English, French
Narration: Heather Taylor

Technical Requirements

– Stage dimensions: 12 ft (3.5 m) wide x 6 ft deep (2.35 m) x 7’8″ (1.83m) ceiling height
– One electrical outlet
– Room to be darkened (blinds, or curtains on windows)
– Audience seated on the floor with benches and/or chairs around the perimeter
– Max audience 140

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