Nova Scotia School Bookings

We are now booking 2016-2017 for our puppetry  workshops and performances,  (read references here). We are booking through PERFORM! who cover our travel expense and a portion of the workshop fee. You can contact PERFORM! or Maritime Marionettes  at (902) 893 7626  to book your date or discuss details.


All shows are available in English or French. The performances are covered in detail on our productions page . Currently we are touring:

Jack and the Beanstalk, (building character)

Rumpelstiltskin, (finding strength in adversity)

Molly and the Oak Island Treasure, (value diversity, native wisdom)

The Lonely Leprechaun environmental awareness, literacy

or The Bremen Town Musicians (friendship, adventure)

All shows are available in English or French.

Fees : $650 (plus tax) for one performance.

two performances on the same day, same location $1,100 (plus tax).

Travel costs covered by PERFORM! (as funds last) :apply here


All workshops are eligible for cost sharing with PERFORM!

Introduction to Shadow Puppetry and Marionettes: adaptable to all grade levels.

For a class of students this is an engaging, hands on experience with 35 simple to complex professional puppets. Short scenarios provide inspiration for young people to explore movement and sound with the puppets.

Shadow puppetry workshop

Shadow puppetry workshop


Introduction to Puppetry- working with marionettes

Full day of workshops: $300 plus tax (after cost sharing with PERFORM!)

Half day of workshops (3 hours): $200 plus tax (after cost sharing with PERFORM!)

Workshop length is flexible. Recommended 30 mins  for P to Gr 3; 60 mins for Gr 4 and older.

Puppet Making Workshops

Grades P-3 – Rod Puppets

Grades 4 and up – 4 string marionettes

In this three hour workshop students make their own puppet to keep, and learn the basic operation of the puppet. Max 25 students per workshop. Cost $200 for the workshop, plus $17 materials fee per student.


Marionette Making Workshop- four string marionettes