About Maritime Marionettes

Maritime Marionettes was founded in 1986 with the goal of producing and touring quality marionette theater. They have produced and performed eight new shows (six of these were translated and performed in French), developing a magical style of performing together. Their company has traveled nationally and internationally, acquiring an international reputation for excellence in Marionette artistry.

The company creates its productions from concept to finished product. This includes making and fashioning the marionette figures that feature in the shows to the sets, props and costuming of the productions.

The Puppeteers

Heather Bishop Taylor began her interest in puppetry began at age 11 and she has continued to develop her beloved childhood hobby into a career. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in French at Acadia University, she went on to study theatre at Dalhousie and take the Foundation year at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. All of her studies in music, theatre, French and art have been adapted and directed toward her love of marionettes.

Darryll Taylor developed an interest in marionettes after working primarily with mouth and rod puppets. He has intuitive manipulation techniques and has developed his performing skills thoroughly and precisely. In recent productions Darryll has been continuing a family tradition of storytelling and music. He has written two original scripts, Molly and the Oak Island Treasure and Land of the Little People. In both productions he has combined local folklore with fantasy in a musical marionette play.

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